Teenage Treatment / Phase 2 treatment / Full braces treatment

The best and most efficient time to commence orthodontic treatment is generally when all of the adult teeth have erupted and puberty (plus the major changes in facial growth) is occurring. It is at that point that we can best correct any poor tooth positioning and underlying bite problems.

We understand how important a confident, beautiful smile is to your teenager’s self esteem and the issue of achieving this healthy, functioning bite in the quickest time possible! At Hornsby Orthodontics we only use the most prestigious international Orthodontic manufacturers and also offer the newest, fastest working types of braces (self-ligating). We understand that choice is important and we are able to offer cosmetic and invisible appliances such as Ceramic braces, Invisible braces, Invisalign, and Teen clear aligners. We even have coloured braces for those creative types who like to mix and match their outfits with the their braces!

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