Metal braces have moved on a long way in the last twenty years and at Hornsby Orthodontics we only use the most modern and efficient braces by the leading international orthodontic manufacturers such as 3M’s Smartclip and Ormco’s Damon system. These fixed appliances are made up of a very small brace/bracket precisely designed for each individual tooth and are connected by a series of highly sophisticated wires which thread through the braces. These wires exert a very gentle, biocompatible force to move the teeth. These high tech braces and wire combinations results in minimum discomfort as the teeth move, more efficient tooth movement which means less appointments for you to attend and even more importantly, quicker treatment times!

Because a fixed brace is never removed, it works full-time to straighten your teeth, making it a very effective treatment option. Fixed braces are excellent at achieving fine detail, resulting in a beautiful smile and healthy bite.

Coloured Braces

There is also an option of having coloured braces – please click here to look at the colour options and plan your next colour change.

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