Many adults live with or develop an orthodontic problem but are reluctant to seek an orthodontic opinion because they think they are too old and that their teeth won’t move or they are put off by the thoughts of bulky braces. The major difference between teen treatment and adult treatment is the lack of facial growth in adults. Teeth can always be moved regardless of age as long as they and their supporting gums are healthy.

Adult problems range from health issues with the positions of their teeth to cosmetic concerns such as crooked teeth, gaps or protruding teeth. Orthodontic treatment options can therefore range from the complex ,which involves your orthodontist working with your dentist and other dental specialists, to simple solutions for a better smile.

At Hornsby Orthodontics we offer the most advanced orthodontic appliances which reduce treatment times and the number of appointments needed and also reduce the discomfort you may feel as your teeth move.

Our cosmetic alliances include: Ceramic braces, Invisible braces, and Invisalign clear aligners and hidden/lingual braces.

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