Once your orthodontic treatment has been completed your teeth will need to be held or retained in their new positions for many years. This retention rule is the same regardless of the age you are when you finish treatment (teenagers or adults) and regardless of which orthodontic appliance you chose to have (Braces or Invisalign)

Continuing orthodontic research has clearly shown that as we mature our front teeth will have a tendency to move out of position. It has also been shown that the removal of asymptomatic wisdom teeth does not keep the front teeth straight and as a result the American Association of Orthodontist and UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) does not recommend the routine removal of asymptomatic wisdom teeth as part of orthodontic care because of the risk of nerve damage and surgical complications.

There are two common types of retainer: the old style retainer plate and the now the fixed retainer wire. At Hornsby Orthodontics Drs Brennan and Lewis routinely issue all of our patients with the very best of long term retainers- the fixed retainer wire. The wire is custom made for your teeth and is fitted to the top and bottom front 6 teeth. This retainer is very comfortable, does not require you to remember to wear and which cannot be seen from the front. . As part of your over all treatment we will monitor you regularly for up to 2 years following your treatment to educate you and assess your ability to care for these retainer wires using floss. We recommend they remain in place for at least 10 years following treatment and until facial growth has slowed.

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